Doctor Alessandro Medda recommends and undertakes colon screening for early detection of colon cancer. It is a test to check for blood in the stool.
The test, called Hemoccult, is painless and has to be done every two years.
Dr. Medda has joined the national prevention program launched by the Ministry of Health to fight colon cancer.
This tumor often develops from small intestinal lesions, with a painless evolution that makes its detection difficult.

Test for helicobacter

Duodenal ulcer test in Iglesias

The doctor performs several diagnostic tests, including tests for helicobacter pylori. It is the fundamental test required for diagnosing gastric infection caused by this bacterium which is recognized as the most common cause of the duodenal gastric ulcer.
The examination is done with the help of a very simple breath test. The patient has to breathe into two separate tubes before and after orally taking the labelled urea.

diagnostic TESTS

Proctologist in Iglesias

Dr. Medda provides the following medical and diagnostic services: gastroenterology consultancy, digestive endoscopy, biopsies and outpatient treatments and surgeries.

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