Doctor Alessandro Medda offers patients quality care by professionals with extensive medical and scientific training and experience acquired over many years of work. The clinic works with an emphasis on both the human and emotional aspect of treatment and usually occurs over a series of treatments in our modern clinic facilities. Dr Medda's knowledge of the field is continually updated through attending conferences and study meetings.
His main specialism is the branch of gastroenterology and diseases that affect the digestive system.


Colo Cancer doctor in Iglesias

Dr Medda carries out medical and outpatient activities in Iglesias and several other places in Sardinia.
In particular, he works with clients located in the provinces of Carbonia Iglesias, Cagliari, Oristano, Lanusei, Tortolì, Nuoro, Olbia and Sassari
The doctor deals with diagnostic tests prior to treatments and interventions. Patients can submit their cases by making an appointment.


Proctology related tests in Iglesias

Dr Medda also specialises in proctology, a branch of medicine that deals with treatment of the rectum and anal tract.
He does a complete follow-up for patients with problems such as hemorrhoids, fissures, perianal fistulas and sinus pilonidalis also called acrococcygeal cysts (inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue between the buttocks).

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